Nayeon’s Stalker Responds To TWICE’s Comments About Stalkers And Assures Her That He’s Not A Fan

Last updated on December 21, 2019 by
twice nayeon stalker responds

During a live stream today, December 21, TWICE addressed the topic of Nayeon’s stalker among others they refer to as “sasaeng fans”.

During the live stream, Nayeon stated:
“We’re thankful for them liking us. It’s just a mistake and we’re letting you know now. We dislike that method of liking us. Now that you know, you won’t make that mistake again.”

Nayeon’s comments, which attempted to stop the stalker, seems to have sparked a further rage.

Apparently, he was watching the live stream (of course) and posted the following message on Twitter:
“If I understand their VLive correctly – Nayeon thinks I’m an obsessed fan who doesn’t truly love her and just wants to bother her. The reality is: I’m not a fan! I’m just a person who wants to talk with her about my feelings. JYP Entertainment told her fake news! Please someone tell her the truth! She doesn’t even know my name. She only heard fake rumors about me and has no idea who I am. JYPE is trying to scare her away from me. How can I give her my gift? How can I tell her that I’m truly in love with her, and I don’t want to bother her at all. I want to make her happy.”

TWICE is currently under police protection with added security after the message went live.